Standard (Bulk) Mail

The staff at Missouri S&T Mail Services, located at 209 East 8th Street, Suite 150, are experts in the regulations pertaining to U.S. Standard Mail (formerly referred to as Bulk Mail). Staff is available during the hours of 8:00 AM - noon and 12:30 PM to 4:30 PM M-F (phone 4288) for consultation as to the best methods for achieving the desired results of the mailing in an economical manner.

Standard (Bulk) Mail

The U.S. Postal Service terms bulk mail "Standard Mail" and offers it at either the regular or the much lower nonprofit rate. Both are lower than First-Class rates. A minimum of 200 identical pieces or 50 pounds is required for a bulk mailing. The mail piece and the mailing as a whole must meet other specifications established by the Postal Service to qualify for the lower rates. We provide permit numbers, services, and advice to help your mail qualify for these rates.

The best time to contact us is when you are planning your mail piece. We can recommend sizes, shapes, and weights that will help qualify the mailing for a discount. Our guidelines on preparing bulk mailings will help, too. If your mail piece is printed and ready to send, we can tell you whether it qualifies for a discount. It's especially useful if you send a sample of the mail piece so we can check its compatibility with our automated processing systems.


We print addresses and bar codes onto mail pieces using ink-jet addressing. Just send us a copy of your updated list and we can process it to meet your needs.


Some customers provide addresses printed on adhesive labels instead of onto mail pieces. We can apply these labels as an option, but we encourage you to use the direct, laser-jet printing method.


Automatic sealing of standard #9 and #10 gummed envelopes is another service we offer. If you plan to use this, nest the envelopes together and stand them upright with the flaps open.


We use tabs to seal self mailers (mail pieces that are not in envelopes). Adding tabs can qualify mail pieces for savings on postage. Staples should never be used as closures because they damage equipment and injure workers.

Bulk Sort

Standard Mail needs to be in zip numerical zip code order (the lowest zip code in the beginning and the highest zip at the end) the containers also need to be marked accordingly. We will bulk sort and bundle your mailings according to USPS Standard Mail regulations to assure you get the lowest price and quickest service.

Request for New Mail Cards

All outgoing mail requires a mail card for postage charges. This card has department name, account name mo code and people soft account number for postage. To order new or replacement cards please contact the printing department at 573-341-4264.