Printing Guidelines

Building and sustaining the university’s brand requires consistency in our messages and in the look of all our communications and marketing materials – from our brochures and newsletters to our websites and letterhead. 

In order to ensure the quality, consistency and efficient reproduction of printed material, all departments and student organizations are asked to work through Missouri S&T Printing and Mail Services for all their printing needs – we can even assist with designing your department’s printed materials.

Poster Printing Guidelines 

  • Allow 2 business days for printing posters. Specify date needed.
  • Design your poster to the exact dimensions that you want it to be printed. This is defined in the software that you are using to design your poster.
    • Leave a minimum of .25”(preferably .5") space between the edge of your poster and any important text or images so that they do not get cut off in printing. Desired background colors should go all the way to the edge of the page.
  • Save as PDF
    • Be sure to choose “SAVE”, not “print”, to prevent the software from resizing of your poster. If using PowerPoint, choose either "Save As" or "Export" and ensure the file type says PDF. 
  • Email your PDF to
    • Do NOT send a link to your file. We are not able to download them. 
    • DO send the actual file as an attachment.
    • If your file is too large to email, try to flatten it first.
    • Email is the preferred method of file submission. You may choose to bring the PDF on a flash drive if email is not an option for you.
  • Specify media choice:  regular poster paper, gloss (photo) paper, fabric, vinyl, lamination, foam board (black or white), color ink or black ink.
    • The widest one side of your poster can be is 42” on any media choice. The other side can be longer. We will rotate the poster to fit the paper.
    • If you want lamination, one side of the poster must not exceed 36”.
  • Specify method of Payment: We accept cash, check, charge to your student ID (Joe’SS), and MoCode (department pay). We do not accept debit or credit cards.
    • If the cost will be charged to a MoCode, we require a Printing Work Authorization form. This form is NOT available digitally. The form must be signed by an approved staff/faculty member of the department and submitted before we will print.

Print review

Printing and Mail Services will review all documents submitted for printing for compliance with the university’s graphic standards, such as proper usage of the university’s logo and colors. Customers should review university’s standards to become familiar with Missouri S&T’s marketing and branding requirements. Responsibility for proofreading the documents and proper use of the university’ s name rests with the department or organization submitting the documents. Printing and Mail Services currently handles more than 95 percent of all printing services for the Missouri S&T campus. Its staff has extensive knowledge of and experience with the printing process to answer questions, give advice, evaluate bid proposals, seek the best prices, review job costs and check the quality of printing orders.