Mail Services

Campus Mail Services Saves You Money Through Postal Automation

The key to saving money on your mailings is to prepare them to be compatible with postal automation standards. Mail Services gets you the best possible US Postal Service (UPS) discounts by barcoding your mail pieces and ensuring that they meet addressing, readability, and other requirements for handling by USPS automated equipment. This also gives you maximum deliverability. Upon request, Mail Services will analyze your mailing list to identify ways that you can take full advantage of postal discounts. Automated permit mailings require numerous address manipulations and certifications to gain postage discounts. These processes can be handled efficiently at the data level within an authorized postal software package. You can easily upload your mail list to Mail Services so that they can perform the following functions:

Combining lists
Merge/purge (duplicate elimination)
Match addresses against USPS national data base for CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) certification
ZIP code correction
ZIP + 4 assignment
NCOA (National Change of Address) and address standardization for First Class mailings
After verifying electronic addresses as described above, Mail Services inkjets the address and individual barcode on each mail piece. Postal barcodes use a binary identification system that is basically a numerical series of parallel bars which indicate how each piece should be sorted. As pieces move through the mail stream, postal optical character recognition (OCR) equipment scans the width of the bars and the sequence of numbers on properly formatted addresses and converts the data into electrical signals.