Change to Campus Mailing Addresses

In 1995, the United States Postal Service’s Rolla Postmaster approached the Chancellor requesting that the campus designate one unique address line that would immediately precede the City/State/zip code line in all official campus mail addresses.  The USPS would then assign a new zip code, the combination of which would, it was claimed, allow for improved service for the campus through efficiencies in scanning and sorting.  In mid 1995, the campus began using “1870 Miner Circle” as the unique line and “65409” as the new campus zip code.

Although subsequent improvements in USPS mail may have been realized, problems have since been encountered with package and freight deliveries since 1870 Miner Circle is not a physical address. 

Work was completed in 2007 to assign street addresses to all campus buildings according to the City’s grid system for the primary benefit of first responders.  Even though many buildings are not on a City street, the system will allow those responders to quickly pinpoint the structures’ locations by virtually extending existing streets.  Plans call for street addresses to be included on new campus building signage.

USPS representatives have verified that these new street addresses (see below) may be used in lieu of the “1870 Miner Circle.”  This change will serve to maintain what USPS efficiencies exist while allowing less confusion for freight delivery personnel.  While campus mail will continue to be received with the Miner Circle address line, the campus is encouraged to begin now to use the appropriate street address in its place.  The addresses have been incorporated into the web site for ordering business cards and letterhead.

Below is a list of buildings where mail is delivered with associated addresses assigned which are on record with the USPS.  Below that are examples of recommended addressing. John Smith of that department can be contacted at 341-4448 with any questions.

Building Name      

Street Address

Altman Hall (KMNR)905 N. State St.
Auxiliary Services901 E. 18th St.
Bureau of Mines #1 (Historic, Trace Lab #1)1300 N. Bishop

Bureau of Mines #2 (Trace Lab #2)

651 W. 13th St.

Bureau of Mines #3 (Trace Lab #3)

641 W. 13th St.

Bureau of Mines #4 (Dept. of Interior Complex)854 University Drive

Bureau of Mines #5 (Dept. of Interior Complex)

852 University Drive

Bureau of Mines #6 and #7 (Dept. of Interior Complex)

850 University Drive

Butler-Carlton Civil Engineering Hall

1401 N. Pine St.

Campus Housing and Dining

205 W. 12th St.

Campus Support Facility

1201 N. State St.

Castleman Hall

400 W. 10th St.

Centennial Hall (formerly University Center)

300 W. 12th St.

Chancellor's Residence

506 W. 11th St. 

Composite Flow Lab

1001 Collegiate Blvd.

Computer Science Building

500 W. 15th St.

Curtis Laws Wilson Library

400 W. 14th St.

Custodial & Landscape Services (Grounds) Building

101 W. 12th St.

Dangerous Material Storage Facility

905 Facilities Ave. 

eCommons (Hydrogen Station)

903 Collegiate Blvd.

EcoCAR Garage

875 Collegiate Blvd.

Emerson Hall (EE Building)

301 W. 16th St.

Engineering Management Building

600 W. 14th St.

Engineering Research Laboratory (ERL)

500 W. 16th St.

Experimental Mine

12350 Spencer Road

Farrar Hall

620 W. 9th St.

Football Stadium (Allgood-Bailey Stadium)

950 W. 10th St.

Fulton Hall

301 W. 14th St.

Gale Bullman Multi-Purpose Building (Multi-Purpose/Student Rec)

705 W. 10th St.

General Services Building

901 Facilities Ave.

Graduate Student Offices

1304 N. Pine St. 

Golf Pro Shop/Course

1051 W. 10th St.

Harris Hall

500 W. 13th St.

Havener Center

1346 N. Bishop

Historic Bureau of Mines ( Bureau of Mines, Trace Lab #1)

1300 N. Bishop

Holtman Hall

680 W. 9th St.

Humanities and Social Sciences Building (H-SS)

500 W. 14th St.


4000 Enterprise Drive

Innovation Park

900 Innovation Drive

Interdisciplinary Engineering Building (formerly Basic Engineering)

1215 N. Pine St.

Kelly Hall

655 W. 10th St.

KMST Transmitter (Lecoma Tower)

205 County Road 5430

Kummer Student Design Center (formerly Miner Rec)

700 W. 10th St.


400 W. 14th St.

McAnerney Hall

635 W. 10th St.

McNutt Hall

1400 N. Bishop

Mechanical Engineering (Toomey Hall; ME)

400 W. 13th St.

Missouri Enterprise

1706 E. 10th St.

Nagogami Terrace Building #2

810 University Dr.

Nagogami Terrace Building #3

830 University Dr.

Nagogami Terrace Building #4

820 University Dr.

Norwood Hall

320 W. 12th St.

Nuclear Reactor Facility

250 W. 13th St.

Parker Hall

300 W. 13th St.

Physics Building

1315 N. Pine St.

Power Plant

1300 N. State St.

Rayl Cafeteria

675 W. 10th St.

Residential College #1

700 W. University Drive

Residential College #2

1575 Watts Drive

Rock Mechanics and Explosives Research Center

1006 Kingshighway

Rolla Building

400 W. 12th St.

Round House

3 Fraternity Drive

Schrenk Hall

400 W. 11th St.

Solar House #1 (2002)

808-B W. 10th St.

Solar House #2 (2005)

808-A W. 10th St.

Solar House #3 (2007)

810-A W. 10th St.

South Central Regional Professional Development Center (RPDC)

800 University Dr.

Southwestern Bell Cultural Center

1207 N. Elm St.

Straumanis-James Hall (Materials Research Center, MRC)

401 W. 16th St.

Student Design Center (new -- Kummer, formerly Miner Rec)

700 W. 10th St.

Student Design Center (old)

1275 N. State St.

Student Health Center (new)

910 W. 10th St.

Student Health Center (old)

1200 N. Pine St.

Surplus Building

301 W. Bishop

Temporary Research Facility

909 Facilities Ave.

Thomas Jefferson Hall (TJ)

202 W. 18th St. 

Toomey Hall

400 W. 13th St.


Recommended Address Format


Recipient’s Name
Department Name
Room Number and Building Name
Missouri University of Science and Technology
Street Address
Rolla, MO zip + 4*
OR Department Name
Room Number and Building Name
Missouri University of Science and Technology
Street Address
Rolla, MO zip + 4*

*Four-digit department zip code extension.  See